Director: Alexandre Aja
Country of origin: France

If you're astute, you'll detect a recurring issue throughout this countdown: international filmmakers getting hired by Hollywood to direct remakes of Asian horror hits. In theory, French splatter champion Alexandra Aja made sense to join the fold, having previously re-imagined Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes and turned it into one of the most impressive horror reboots of all time. His method: Modernize Craven's dated film with heightened gore, less camp, and B-list actors delivering A-grade performances.

But when it came to remixing South Korean director Kim Sung-ho's 2003 effort Into the Mirror, Aja couldn't decide what the fuck he wanted to make. At times, the Kiefer Sutherland-led Mirrors strives to be a claustrophobic, atmospheric chamber piece; other times, though, it's an over-the-top slaughterhouse, depicting characters slashing their throats and ripping their jaws apart with bare hands.

Had Aja gone full-hog with the bloodiness (like he did in his 2003 debut, High Tension), Mirrors might've been able to transcend its clunky script. As it stands, the film is a low-point for an otherwise formidable genre voice.