A woman from the Dominican Republic was caught trying smuggle two pounds of cocaine inside of her sneakers and bra at JFK International Airport. On Jan. 12, customs agents busted Luz Massiel Pérez Arlequín after noticing that her sneakers had "unusually thick soles," and that her bra was "unusually thick." Come on Luz, stuffing your bra is so junior high, and who knew Victoria's Secret was blow?

The coke is worth $80,000 on the street, and as Gothamist notes, customs agents at JFK definitely earned their money that weekend: The following morning, a man was caught with $2.5 million worth of heroin in his duffel bag. They also mention that Fashion Week is just around the corner, so feel free to let the "laced with coke" jokes rip in light of this.

[via Gothamist]