Last May, 21-year-old Sophia Anderson was accused of drunkenly crashing her boyfriend's parents' Mercedes Benz through the front of a 96-year-old woman's Long Island home. It would later be uncovered that her boyfriend, Dan Sajewski, was actually the driver and had convinced Anderson to take the fall for him. A true gentleman. 

Anderson has been given "conditionally dismissed" charges, and she and her attorney say Brooklyn's "hipster lifestyle" motivated her actions. According to her lawyer, John LoTurco, says that Anderson has been doing better now that she's "without the negative influences of Daniel and the allure of Brooklyn." 

“The allure of Brooklyn was her boyfriend’s circle of friends and the hipster lifestyle that was going on at that period of time — the drinking, the drugging,” he added. Anderson, who's been staying with her mother in Long Island, will have to dodge trouble for the next six months as part of her deal. Though her DWI charge was dropped, she still faces obstruction of justice charges.

Meanwhile, Sajewski is in a whole world of trouble. He was arrested in September and charged with DWI and forcing Anderson to switch seats with him. That's because he was on probation and has been arrested for several offenses, including marijuana possession, selling Ecstasy and driving without a license. Mommy and daddy must be proud.

This story should be inspiration for everyone lost in the dreaded hipster lifestyle to one day conquer it.

[via Gothamist]