There are bound to be some exciting new Kickstarter projects in this brand new year, and it looks like the first one has already been launched. It's called the "GameStick," and it's both slightly familiar and totally alien.

Like the Ouya, it's a crowd-funded living room game console based on Android, focused on openness and low costs. But GameStick aims to accomplish all that in a package hardly bigger than your average USB stick—the thing is tiny, and it plugs directly into the TV's HDMI port. When the 2-inch console's not in use it fits snugly into a slot in the wireless controller.

So it's wire-free and incredibly portable, with access to all the Android games that developers can throw at it. The GameStick project is seeking $100,000 with 29 days to go, and they've already raised over $30k. For a $69 pledge you can get the console and controller when it's released. What's not to love?

[via Ars Technica]