We've been waiting months for the Wii U's Virtual Console to finally materialize, but now that it has, problems just keep arising. Problems like European VC games being released in the inferior 50hz format, for example.

Or like today's revelation that Wii U Virtual Console games won't be compatible with their older Wii version saves. So in addition to being charged an extra buck or so to re-download Wii Virtual Console games you already own onto the Wii U, you'll have to start them all over again as well.

What a fucking bummer, right? But will this even affect most gamers? You can still access your old Wii Virtual Console games when you transfer your Wii save data to the Wii U. Re-downloading (and being forced to start over) just provides added advantages like button mapping and GamePad support.

So what do you think? Is Nintendo dropping the ball or is it not a big deal?

[via Kotaku]