Over the years, comic book legend Stan Lee has become just as much of a pop culture icon as the characters he has created. Whether he's in TV shows, cartoons, movies, or just doing an interview on the red carpet, Stan has used his boisterous personality and carnival barker skills not only to build up the Marvel brand, but to keep his own legend alive as well.

And even after Marvel was bought by Disney in 2009, the new generation is still well aware of Stan’s contributions to the industry because of the brief cameo appearances he makes in each of the company’s movies. Now we finally have all of these moments caught in one convenient supercut (via YouTube) so you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to spot them during the actual film.

From his first taste of the screen in 1989’s Trial of the Incredible Hulk made-for-TV movie, to his most recent cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man, this montage is also perfect to show newcomers to the comic book world how these Marvel flicks went from featuring Lou Ferrigno slathered in green body paint to the blockbusters we know today.

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