Ever since The Avengers began breaking box office records everywhere, Warner Brothers has been actively pushing its own superhero ensemble piece in the form of a Justice League adaptation. A movie that teams up Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern, Flash, and other characters from the DC Universe certainly stands a chance to come close to topping Marvel’s flagship franchise. But it’s a huge gamble, and now we have even more details on how the production will go down.

According to Variety, Warner Brothers is waiting to see how well Man of Steel performs at the box office before deciding what to do with Justice League. The script is already written for the movie, but there are no actors or a director as of yet. The movie was originally scheduled for a 2015 release; however, if they are waiting for the Man of Steel results, it will likely be pushed back, if it gets released at all.

This is a smart move by the studio because if Man of Steel flops, a Justice League movie wouldn’t likely be on the radar of the casual moviegoer. So instead of jumping the gun and putting it into production prematurely, the executives are waiting to see if people even want to see their comic characters on the screen.

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[via Variety]