Shopping for vintage in New York City is nothing short of an adventure. In a small town, you might routinely stumble upon a Yves Saint Laurent tweed blazer, or a gently used Brooks Brothers button down for mere dollars, but in a metropolis as large and competitive as Manhattan, gems are only unearthed by the vintage-savvy. 

Considered a vintage expert, Alex James got his start scouring thrift stores throughout New York and New Jersey and selling his rare finds out of his locker. James has since graduated to selling wholesale vintage at Brooklyn Flea, and shipping his finds to his many clients around the world. Now one of the game's most trusted voices on vintage, James has managed to turn his long-held appreciation for the past into a bona fide art form. Here, he gives us insight into where the wild steals are. Here are Alex James picks for The 10 Best Vintage Clothing Shops in NYC.

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