Need motivation to get your summer body ready? According to researchers at the University of South Carolina, adding Twitter to your workout plan might actually help

Findings from a recent study pointed to a difference in weight loss for individuals who post on social networks compared to those who did not. Two groups of people were given podcasts filled with information on nutrition and exercise; one group tracked their progress with a good ol' pen and pad, while the other group used smartphone apps and Twitter to track progress. At the end of the study's 6-month trial period, researchers discovered that active Twitter users lost more weight compared to those not on the micro-blogging site. 

According to the findings, every 10 tweets corresponded with about 0.5 percent weight loss. Just like message boards, which are traditional outlets for those seeking workout advise, Twitter was a good resource for the study group to seek tips and track progress. Read more aboutt the study in Translational Behavioral Medicine here

[Translational Behavioral Medicine via Wired]