The Shinings is without a doubt one of the greatest pieces of American cinema in history, so it's pretty mind-blowing to know that there was once an extra scene in the ending, and that the script pages of said scene are online. But thanks Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich's site, The Overlook Hotel, that's exactly what's happened. 

"Kubrick had filmed a final scene that was cut, where Wendy and Danny are recovering from the shock in a hospital and where Ullman visits them," The Shining's co-screenwriter Diane Johnson said of the deleted scene. "Kubrick felt that we should see them in the hospital so we would know that they were all right. He had a soft spot for Wendy and Danny and thought that, at the end of a horror film, the audience should be reassured that everything was back to normal." According to IMDb, the scene was about 2 minutes long. We always knew Stanley Kubrick was a big softie!

The scene would have appeared between the shot where we see Jack frozen in the snow and the scene with a final look at the Overlook Hotel, but ultimately Kubrick had a change of heart and sent out a team to cinemas in LA and NYC to cut out the scene from final prints before they premiered. It was reportedly such a quick job, though, that two characters who appear in the deleted scene - a nurse and policeman - are still listed in the end credits. 

You can check out one of the script pages below, and head over to The Overlook Hotel to check out the remaining pages. Apparently, in true horror movie fashion, rumor has it that one reel of film without this scene cut out still exists somewhere in the world. We're sure Stephen King is real proud.

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