Now that the reckless use of "stop and frisk" is on the radar, the NYPD is looking at other ways to keep the streets of New York safe. On Wednesday, Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that the department is testing the T-Ray machine, a device that can detect a gun concealed by your clothing from as far as 30 feet away. 

The device picks up on the terahertz radiation that your body releases, and the energy can go straight through clothing, but not a firearm. The T-Ray machine uses this logic to locate weapons. 

However, it's still unknown whether or not other random possessions like cell phones or wallets have terahertz radiation, and could return false results. The T-Ray machine was paid for by the Department of Defense, and while it can be mounted on vehicles, the NYPD aims to acquire a device so small it can be placed on an officer's belt. 

The machines have not been used yet, as NYPD attorneys want to be certain their use is 100 percent constitutional.

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[via Gawker]