The NYPD is facing a lawsuit after a woman injured in last summer's shooting in front of the Empire State Building filed one with the Supreme Court today. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student Chenin Duclos, is seeking unspecified damages after being injured by police gunfire along with eight others.

As her lawyer, Amy Marionexplains, the NYPD "failed to train the officers for this type of situation." "It's a clear issue of supervisory liability in the form of improper training, improper attention, possibly, improper hiring," Marion continued.

The incident escalated when police and Jeffrey Johnson got into a shootout in front of the building.The 58-year-old Johnson had been fired from his job, and retaliated by fatally shooting a co-worker. Mayor Bloomberg says there is footage of Johnson pulling out his gun and attempting to shoot police, but it's unclear if Johnson actually opened fire.

Sixteen rounds were fired by the NYPD; nine from one officer and the remaining seven from another. Johnson was killed, and police say all of those injured were hit by police bullets. 

[via CNN]