Take off your blazer, loosen your tie, and make yourself a Manhattan because we finally know when the sixth season of Mad Men will premiere on AMC. According to The Daily Beast, the return date is set for April 7 at 9 p.m. in what will be a two-hour episode. The series will then move into its standard 10 p.m. timeslot the week after, in an episode that star Jon Hamm directed.

And in an interview with the site, creator Matthew Weiner revealed that this will be the second-to-last season of the show. But fans shouldn't worry that all of the good stuff is being held for the finale because Weiner told the site that he has plenty in store for this upcoming batch of episodes.

I came in with my plan for the season. I was like, “I want to save that for the last season, I want to save that; I want to wait on that” and I was pulled aside by Maria and Andre Jacquemetton, my executive producers, who said, “Don’t do that. You’ve never done that before. Let’s just use all the story that we have and we’ll deal with it on the other side of it.” It really helped. Because I don’t want to change—part of it is superstition and part of it is the only way I know how to do it.

The site also reveals that the final moments of season five will be vitally important to this year. So if you haven't yet seen the fifth season, put that on your to-do list, or else you'll be hopelessly lost when April 7 rolls around. 

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[via The Daily Beast]