There was a time when politicians were viewed with respect in the eyes of both media members and U.S. citizens. The press wouldn't even report that President Franklin D. Roosevelt (who held the position from 1933-1945) was paralyzed from the waist down, a fact most people didn't find out about until after his death. Same with the affairs of President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963), which were well-known to the press but not the general public. Then, some time within the last four decades, the line between elected official and celebrity began to blur, and tabloids and online gossip sites started covering every aspect of political life, from legislation to sex scandals.

Noticing this, Hollywood actors jumped onto the political bandwagon as a way to keep themselves relevant and stay in the news. Sure, there are some of them with genuine political beliefs, but when you have celebrities demanding gun control one minute and then starring in a big-budget blockbuster that glorifies gun violence the next, chances are that their views start and stop with their paychecks.

That being said, we always love to see Hollywood’s finest run for office. It's usually good for a laugh or two. And this Friday, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to his big-screen hustle starring in The Last Stand, after an eight-year stint as the Governor of California. We’re not sure who will continue the legacy of celebrities invading Washington now. We selfishly hope rumors are false and phenomenal Argo actor/filmmaker Ben Affleck sticks to directing, but The History of Actors Turned Politicians leads us to believe that we may have to wait a term or two for more cinematic greatness.

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Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)