Welcome to The Feed, our new weekly round-up of tech news. And what an interesting five days its been. 

This week's recap of the most buzzed about tech news spans from Twitter-related jail time to an immortalized statue of Steve Jobs' iPhone. Find the most relevant topics from the past five days here, at The Feed. 


An Insulting Tweet Get A Man A Two Year Prison Sentence, Kuwait officials sentenced a citizen to two years in prison after he insulted the county's leader on Twitter. (1/7) 

Netflix Links Exclusive Warner Bros. Deal For Fringe, Revolution and More, Netflix has officially signed a contract with Warner Bros. to stock shows that have ended so you can still watch them. (1/7)

The 15 Funniest Tweets From CES 2013 (So Far), What happens when you cram unruly tech journalists into a convention center in Las Vegas for three days? Absolute hilarity. (1/8)

The Library of Congress Has Almost Completed It's Twitter Archive, The LoC started archiving tweets in April 2010 after signing an agreement with Twitter. An update was recently posted on the LoC blog and, as of now, approximately 170 billion tweets have been collected since the microblogging site's inception in 2006. (1/8)

Google Introduces Largest Wi-Fi Network in NYC, Google unveiled the largest free public Wi-Fi spot in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, where the New York headquarters are located. (1/8)

Facebook Stock Bounces Back to IPO Levels, After a tough several months Facebook has been steadily climbing back to the powerhouse it was before. And now its stock is at the highest price it's been since last May. (1/9) 

New Website Lists Every Free eBook Avaliable on Amazon, There is now a site devoted to cataloging every free eBook available on Amazon. FreebookSifter.com, which was created by the same people behind Last Minute Auction, offers a comprehensive archive of free Amazon titles, from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens to Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. (1/9) 

Google to Develop Andriod-Powered Kitchen Appliances, Google is expanding the functions of its Android mobile operating system from phones and tablet devices, and has teamed up with luxury appliance maker Dacor to develop Android-powered kitchen appliances. (1/10)

Let's All Take A Moment to Enjoy Sammy Sosa's Pinterest Page, Sosa's page, which, unlike other Pinterest pages that feature photos of things the user likes or aspires to, is composed entirely of smiling portraits of himself. (1/10)

What You Need to Know About the Blackberry 10, RIM will release the BlackBerry 10 and, after much hype from the company, consumers will finally get to see if it contends with Apple's iPhone 5 and Google's Nexus 4. (1/10)

Supercomputer Watson Has a Potty Mouth, IBM’s supercomputer Watson, who put reigning Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings to shame, is using his intelligence to fit in with the hip crowd. It turns out he likes to cursea lot. (1/11)

MIT Student Develops Digital Ice Cube That Measures Alcohol Intake, Dhairya Dand developed an electronic ice cube that measures a person's alcohol consumption. Every time you have a drink, just throw the ice cube in your cup. (1/11)

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