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An 8-inch Galaxy Note Tablet From Samsung Will Be Released Next Month, The latest gadget to be pinned against the iPad, Samsung is said to release further details of this release in late February. (1/21)

Twitter Reacts to President Obama’s Inauguration, The country takes to Twitter to express their thoughts via 1.1 million tweets about the President’s historical ceremony. (1/21)

Sony Debuts ‘World's Thinnest’ Tablet, The newest competitor in the gadget game weighs in at 1.1 lbs. That ish cray. (1/22)

Google Made $50 Billion In 2012, Larry Page stays stacking paper as Google’s biggest year yet brings in staggering numbers. Much of the company's big pay day was due to fourth quarter earnings, raking in over $14 billion in the December quarter alone. (1/22)

20 Ridiculous Text Messages Sent to Wrong Numbers, Is there really anything more embarrassing than sending a text to the wrong person? (1/23)

A Local Smartphone Is Crushing the iPhone in ChinaThe Coolpad has clearly found a sweet spot with consumers in the world's largest market. (1/23)

Beyoncé’s 20 Hottest Instagram Photos (So Far), Queen B flaunts her latest photos on her Instagram account. Only 69 pictures in and she's already given us quite a lot to talk about. (1/23)

Restaurant Are Sick of the Foodstagram Trend, Restaurant owners are sick and tired of people going to extremes to capture the perfect Instagram picture. Some say the trend has gone too far, and now a few restaurant owners in New York are banning the practice. (1/24)

Unlocking Cell Phones In The U.S. Will Be Illegal After SaturdayThe Librarian of Congress banned the practice of buying a cell phone and unlocking it last October. Now the window in which it was legal to do so will close on Saturday, Jan. 26. (1/24)

15 Emojis We Wish ExistedDespite the growing popularity of emojis, the selection is still lacking. So instead of complaining, we decided to create our own. (1/24)

Watch First "jOBS" Clip of Ashton Kutcher As Steve JobsAn exclusive clip, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week, gives audiences a first look at the biopic based on the Apple co-founder's life. (1/24)

Meet the Yolo, Intel's First Smartphone for Africa, The smartphone will arrive in Kenya first and sell for 10,999 Kenyan shillings, or roughly $125, and come loaded with 500 megabytes of data for free. (1/25)