"Molly" may be be hip-hop's current drug of choice, but Dallas police have just learned about it and its dangers. The drug is MDMAEcstasy's active ingredient—in its purest form, and hip-hop has been fascinated with it for the last couple of years. Because the world goes as the hip-hop community goes, the kids are doing it too. 

In North Texas, Molly is public enemy number one at the moment:

In North Texas and across the country there is a dangerous designer drug. It's not really new, but it's gaining popularity and is being laced through the lyrics of hip-hop music.

The street name for the drug is Molly. It has a long chemical name that's usually shortened to MDMA. Sometimes it's snorted or taken in capsule form. Other times the powder is wrapped in tissue and swallowed.

Naturally, entertainment is being blamed for corrupting the children of North Texas and the rest of America.

"It's marketed because they want these children to use it. They want them to buy it. They make it seem cool. It's not as dangerous as meth, but it's the exact same drug," said Sgt. Danny, a Dallas police narcotics officer.

The police have also noted that it isn't "uncommon to see people in clothes or glasses" searching for the designer drug, because that isn't the most general observation ever. In their quest to rid the Lone Star State of Molly, the Dallas Police Department should also get rid of "Molly Rap." 2012 can have it.

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[via Gawker]