Tourists and bibliophiles will soon have yet another reason to visit San Antonio. The city has announced plans to develop the nation's first bookless library system.

The digital library, known as BiblioTech, is slated to open this fall. It will be the first of many, as plans are in the works to convert the entire library system of Bexar County in San Antonio into BiblioTech locations. Bexar residents will be able to enjoy books electronically, and will additionally be able to borrow e-readers for home use. 

Judge Nelson Wolff, along with other county leaders, felt that paper books had lost their allure, and, in turn, decided to makeover the city's reading epicenter. “If you want to get an idea what it looks like, go into an Apple store," Nelson, who was influenced after reading Steve Jobs' biography, said. "It's not a replacement for the (city) library system, it's an enhancement.” 

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