It may have earned over $1.5 billion worldwide, but not everyone was as impressed with Marvel’s The Avengers as most rabid comic book fans were. In a recent online poll from The Los Angeles Times, the movie was voted as the most overrated of 2012, after pulling in a surprising 85% of the vote.

This is usually what happens when a film kills it at the box office; just look at the eventual backlash for Titanic and Avatar as examples. Still, the one-sided nature of the vote caught us off guard considering that the movie received mostly positive reviews upon its release. However, we don’t think the folks at Marvel will be losing much sleep over this poll now that they are swimming in profits from the movie for the next decade. Who needs respect when you have over $1 billion in the bank?

Let us know if you agree with this poll, or if you have a movie in mind that was even more overrated. 

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[via The Los Angeles Times]