Neighborhood: Lincoln Center
Address70 Lincoln Square #4

Casual moviegoers looking to enjoy the latest big studio production can always head to the nearest AMC or Regal location, but what about the much more hardcore, Béla Tarr-loving cinema enthusiasts? It's all about Lincoln Center's Film Society theaters, a passionate, adventurous cinephile's one-stop shop for the latest American-made independent films, critics' favorites from all around the world, and repertory screenings of undisputed classics and obscure, unearthed treasures.

The best bet: Become an official Film Society member (for anywhere between $35 to $610 per year, depending on your desired package and perks). That way, you'll receive discounts and gain early access to purchase opportunities for the Film Society's seemingly endless string of festivals (i.e., the prestigious New York Film Festival). Many of the various festivals focus on specific countries (next week kicks off the "Celebrating the Australian Film Revival" lineup), acclaimed filmmakers (such as Stanley Kubrick), or certain genres (October's annual Scary Movies series is a must-attend event).

Not to mention, Film Society also offers events like last year's "An Evening with Christopher Nolan," during which the Dark Knight franchise overseer sat down for a live Q&A covering the inner workings of his beloved Batman series. You won't get that kind of intimacy at the local overpriced multiplex. -Matt Barone