Shoehorned Motion Controls

Perpetrators: Microsoft, Sony

Worst Example: Forza Motorsport 4

Microsoft and Sony are really interested in getting you to buy a Kinect or a PlayStation Move, and because none of the games developed exclusively for the platforms seem to be catching the eyes of hardcore players, they've done the next best thing; wedge their motion controls into games that really don't need them.

The idea that a game would be "Better With Kinect" or more fun with "Move Support" indicates that the developers really ought to have made the game force the player to use it and cater their experience around it. The truth however is that this is all marketing bullshit and every single time you find a core game with optional support, it's a half-assed attempt to earn a little extra cash by having an additional checkmark on the back of the box.

The Solution: If you want to make a motion game, make a motion game. If you want to shoehorn wagglewand crap into your otherwise fine game, keep going.