Paying For The Right To Pay

Perpetrators: Microsoft

Worst Example: Netflix

You pay your internet service provider on the monthly for access to the internet, and then you pay Netflix another subscription fee to access their content. Both of these providers are delivering you a regular service and nobody could really argue that they deserve to be paid. Microsoft on the other hand will have you pay all of that, and then an additional annual subscription just for the privilege of using the other two items you bought on the console you bought from them. What is this nonsense?!

In this example Microsoft has done one thing; made an application that accesses Netflix and maybe a little bandwidth on their end to deliver said app to you. The rest of the expense has been paid for you to the people who deliver the internet and the video. Why is it then that Microsoft demands you pay them just to access this stuff? It's even more ridiculous when you consider the number of other devices that connect to your television that offer this completely for free.

The Solution: Charge for your Netflix app if you need to make money, but don't demand a gold subscription to use it.