Day 1 Patches

Perpetrators: Bethesda, EA

Worst Example: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Bugs happen, it's a fact of life. Shipping your game with known bugs in them only to rectify your mistake through a day 1 patch however, shouldn't be. Publishers demand hard ship dates because their marketing revolves around it, but that should always take a backseat to releasing a quality product that's going to work properly the second you put the disc in your system.

The worst cases of this often include last-minute multiplayer balancing that hasn't had enough playtesting to be verified yet. Sure, it's better than not releasing the patches, but it should be a last resort rather than the norm we're seeing now. If publishers want consumers to keep faith in their brands they need to provide developers the time necessary for fixing the issues before they go to print, not during whatever time falls between going gold and release date.

The Solution: Release your game when it's ready, not when you plan to.