Bad Ports and Consolitis

Perpetrators: 2K Games, Square Enix, Atlus

Worst Example: Borderlands

The number of times I've gone and bought a game for the PC because I expected it to be a better experience with the enhanced hardware my rig contains and found out that despite looking better all the elements of the interface are catered to a console user's experience is frustratingly high. The PC market is a pretty dubious place for publishers these days and so it makes sense that it's not the prime focus of development, but rushed ports without specific catering to the nuances of the platform are aggravating.

A lot of these issues can be circumvented by just picking up a controller, but the lack of option in most cases is annoying. Games that don't include detailed graphics adjustments, customizable keybindings, or limit my system's capabilities based on the specs of a vastly underpowered console make it a worse experience than if they'd thrown in these minor conveniences.

The Solution: Don't treat ports like quick cash-ins or side projects, give 'em the love they deserve.