On Friday, Fringe concludes. For executive producer/creator J.J. Abrams, it's just the end of his latest success story. Consider the evidence. In TV land, he also created or produced Felicity, Alias, Lost, and Revolution, among a handful of others. For the big screen, he directed Mission: Impossible III (2006), Star Trek (2009), and Super 8 (2011), and produced Cloverfield (2008), Morning Glory (2010), and Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011).

Whatever it is—the secret sauce that makes hit TV shows and blockbuster movies—J.J. Abrams has it dripping off of him.

Secret sauce is there, for sure, but there's also a lot of good old feminine wiles at work. Abrams creates strong, complex, and sexy female characters as well as anyone in the business. Hell, cooking up Alias' Sydney Bristow alone would have most of us resting on our laurels, but Abrams comes at you with wave after wave of alluring tough gals who combat crime, aliens and general apocalypse—and look hella good doing it.

Here are the 25 sexiest heroines J.J. Abrams has cooked up for your viewing pleasure.

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