Address1621 West 5th St.

The Mean Eyed Cat bills itself as a dive bar. There are some great dive bars in Austin (G&S Lounge, Deep Eddy’s, and Donn’s Depot come to mind) but bets can be confidently placed that none of them are on the busiest downtown street in the city. Austin’s quaint and historic 6th Street transforms itself at night into a veritable fratagonia that spills so deeply into the street they're forced to close the entire road and prohibit vehicle traffic. No, you don’t go to 6th Street seeking a legit dive bar, but you can go to the Mean Eyed Cat if you'd like to see a slew of wanna-bes acting like they are in a dive bar. Imitation is form of flattery, they say. Be comforted by that, Mean Eyed Cat.

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