Address: 403 East 6th St.
Website: N/A

In the heart of the squalor of 6th Street is The Aquarium. Picture a place where the walls are cloaked in a floor-to-ceiling back-lit fish tank with exotic and tropical fish setting the aquatic life vibe. As you sip cocktails with your friends, a clown fish passes by to say hello and reeds sway in the gentle current. Now take that thought and cut the budget by about 80% and you have the Aquarium. You won’t even notice the three sad little wall-mounted guppy tanks in this poorly lit sweat box. You'll be too distracted by the Shot Pong (yeah that’s right, not Beer Pong, but Shot Pong) shitty dance music, and aspiring hussies. This place makes Red Lobster look like Sea World.