Address: 421 East 6th St.

Pete’s has been around at least since piano bars were cool, which by our estimations, was at the start of the 1980s. The bar sports two ivory ticklers who definitely wax talent when listening to the breadth of their tunes in a vacuum. But add in a couple hundred drunk Woo!-birds (Those people that shrilly scream "Woooooo!” anytime they recognize a song) and acknowledge that these guys are playing for tips, and your imbibing experience goes downhill fast. The night's performances are marked by the oldest trick in the tip-procuring book. The pianists play the University of Texas fight song until someone tips them to start playing rival school Texas A&M University’s fight song. Back and forth it goes, with bombastic egos proverbially showing the size of their dick via tipping a piano player in a meaningless drunken competition over a song. Please make it stop.