Writers: Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá
Artist: Gabriel Bá

Despite the fact that Daytripper is still relatively new, it’s impossible to ignore its absolute brilliance. Every chapter in Vertigo's 10-issue series begins with the retelling of an important event from different points of the life of obituary writer Bras de Olivias Dominguez, and each one closes with his sudden death. Then the next issue begins without him even knowing he died previously, and we're shown the same routine throughout the entire series.

It’s a strange concept that writers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá keep from feeling like a cheap gimmick. The book is a meditation on life and death, and how at any moment, whether that moment is filled with joy or tragedy, it can all end in a flash. Daytripper examines all that we hold dear, looks at the inevitability of the end, and challenges us to live with purpose every day.

Moon and Bá bring such poetic beauty and sorrow to each page that it makes Daytripper one of the most successful examples of a comic book in the magic realism genre. With moments of sheer bliss and portions that will break your heart, Daytripper will challenge every emotion you ever thought a comic book could elicit.