Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quitely

In an attempt to strip the Man of Steel down to his essentials and market him for a broader audience, DC hired Grant Morrison to write All-Star Superman in 2005. With a mix of poetry, nostalgia, and trademark blockbuster action, Morrison turned All-Star into a love letter to the world’s greatest superhero.

The plot follows a dying Superman who's trying to get the most out of his final days on Earth. During this 12-issue run, Supes performs amazing feats of both strength and intelligence, reveals his love for Lois Lane, cures all Earthly disease, battles his most famous villains, and saves the planet, all while reminding us why he’s one of the great characters of the past 100 years.

Morrison does all of this with the benefit of Frank Quitely's majestic art. Quitely balances iconic superhero visuals and sweeping romanticism on every page, bringing a vulnerability to the character's square-jawed mystique. His art has forever changed how we view Superman and his world. 

Though the character dates back to 1938, no writer before Morrison encapsulated all of his greatness into one story. Whether he's floating through the far reaches of space, battling on Bizarro World, or visiting a children's cancer ward, Superman has never been better.