An adaptation of an Elmore Leonard's novel of the same name, Get Shorty came out during a time when every studio was searching for the next Pulp Fiction. Like Tarantino, Leonard writes incredible dialogue, but his approach is more classic when it comes to story. In other words, he's not a kid who grew up in a video store, and despite the shots this film takes at Hollywood, it's not looking to deconstruct anything. It's just good.

John Travolta stars as a mob leg-breaker named Chili Palmer who'd love to rid himself of his underling position, but with a string of incompetent bosses above him, is convinced he’ll never get out.

However, after he goes to Vegas to collect some money from a deadbeat B-movie producer from Hollywood, he pitches him a movie idea and quickly finds himself in show biz. The movie serves up its fair share of twists and turns, but it always manages to be engaging. It’s not often that we see members of the mob portrayed as such sad sacks, yet it completely works here. The deadpan humor, mixed with the notion of an enforcer-turned-movie-producer, is more than enough to make Get Shorty stand out.