Where: Macao Trading Co.
Neighborhood: TriBeCa
Address311 Church St.
Bartender Says: "The unusual flavor combination of earthy, savory, and sweet (with a touch of sour Asian cuisine) make this cocktail unique. Home made Pandan leaf syrup compliments the young coconut puree, creating a silky, soothing texture, while the green tea vodka provides a great finish with lingering tanins." —Dusan Zaric & Jason Kosmas, Co-owners/Bartenders


2 oz. Charbay Green Tea Vodka
1 oz. young coconut puree
1/2 oz. lime juice 
1/2 oz. pandan syrup
Pinch of Thai basil leaves

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour out, unstrained, into a Collins glass.