Apple is allegedly making a major upgrade to the hardware of its Mac lineup this year. Macs are expected to be equipped with a new technology, 802.11ac, also known as 5G Wifi.

Sources say that Apple is in the process of cutting a deal with Broadcom, a manufacturer of 802.11ac chips. Compared to the current standard, 802.11n, 5G offer better range, reliability, and power efficiency. 

With three antennas, 802.11n chips max out at 450Mbps. A single 802.11ac antenna can reach that speed. 5G Wifi chips can support up to eight antennas. If three are used, like with 802.11n, it is possible to hit speeds of 1.3Gbps.

 Broadcom is still developing the high-speed chips, but according to the rumor it is scheduled to be ready for the next lineup of Macs.

[via The Next Web]