Until recently, Meagan Good has been more famous for being hot than for any acting jobs she's done. Sure, you liked her in Roll Bounce, Waist Deep, Stomp the Yard, The Love Guru, Saw V, and Think Like a Man, but none of these were what you'd call "Meagan Good movies." (Some of them weren't what you'd call good movies at all, har har har.) They were just movies lucky enough to have Meagan Good in them. Additionally, she charmed the pants off viewers of Showtime's Californication, but was still only a second-tier supporting character, a forbidden-fruit love interest who walked through never enough scenes and always left us wanting more.

Well, tonight we get more. Lots and lots more. Tonight, we get the stunning actress as detective Joanna Locasto on her very own TV show, NBC's new drama series, Deception. Seeing as she's a fancy, tough lady cop this time around, we may not get all the bikini goodness, flirty hair flips, and sexy smiles we've always loved. But that's what these gifs are for.

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