A woman was busted for cruising around Long Island with nearly 100 pounds of marijuana in her car, and the only reason she got caught was because she refused to wear a seatbelt and stay off of her phone.

Police in Nassau County saw 27-year-old Mizzie Artis talking on her cellphone while driving without her seatbelt. After following her for a few blocks, they noticed some strange activity:

Artis drove to Armand Street and met a man in a minivan, but the man drove away after the officers drove by both vehicles, police said.

Artis also drove away, running a stop sign and not signaling her turn, police said.

After officers pulled Artis over, they saw two large boxes in the car and smelled marijuana, police said.

If you're going to ride around with 92 pounds of weed in your car, you should avoid doing things to call attention to yourself. Artis was arrested and charged with first degree possession of marijuana and several traffic violations.

She'll be back in court on Wednesday, and maybe she'll do the right thing and have someone else drive her to her hearing.

[via Gothamist]