Ever wonder what it's like to use the Interwebz in China? Thanks to We Are Social's latest report on the country, now we have an idea. 

China's internet users spend an average of three hours online per day across all devices, with the most popular activity being instant messaging (88%), followed by web search (80%) and streaming music (77%).

But get this—there are 564 million internet users with more than four million new users joining each month. So China's Internet users outnumber "the entire population of Western Europe" and account for 51% of Asia's internet users, reports The Drum

As far as demographics go, we're guessing most of the users are young since 89% have used the microblogging service Weibo at some point, and over half were born in the 1980s. 

Check out the full 211-page report on We Are Social's blog for more interesting stats. 

[via The Drum