Did you get a smartphone over the holidays? You're in good company—50 million iOS and Android devices came online between December 25 and 31, compared to just over 20 million devices in 2011, according to mobile analytics firm, Flurry.
More than 260,000 apps use Flurry's analytics, so it's easy for the company to detect over 90% of the apps turned on each day, with help from publicly announced figures from Google and Apple. As Flurry wrote in a blog post:  
"On Christmas Day, activations soared to more than 17.4 million, a 332% increase over the December baseline. By comparison, Christmas Day 2011 held the previous single-day record, having reached 6.8 million device activations. Christmas 2012 is more than 2.5 times larger than Christmas 2011, which surpassed its own baseline by more than 300%."
Christmas Day might also earn the distinction of being the year's biggest shopping day for apps. On that day alone in 2012, 328 million apps were downloaded, showing a record high for single day downloads and a 36% increase from last year, according to TechCrunch. In 2011, we only downloaded 242 million apps that day.
Oddly enough, tablets were the big winners in 2012, with Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 9-inch, the iPad and iPad mini stealing smartphone's thunder. Fifty-one percent of new devices were tablets, while only 20% were smartphones during the baseline period covering December 1 through 2.
[via TechCrunch]