started with a simple premise: provide a "home for meaningful conversation, where you control your data." All that translates to a subscription-based network where people don't have to worry about their likeness or contributions being used to sell ads. But if paying $5 a month just to talk to friends without intrusion doesn't seem like a good enough deal, the people behind  just sweetened the pot. All new members now get 10 GB of cloud storage. 

The locker can be used to store photos and files for sharing with others. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, users have full control of the contents of their locker. This means they can choose which social apps can access their photos, messages, and other stored files. 

In addition to the cloud locker, released a new File API for developers. The new API provides devs with all the necessary tools to build almost any social app they desire.

Details about joining and taking advantage of the 10GBs of cloud storage can be found here.

[via Engadget