On Monday we ran a story reporting that the Firefly MMO that was announced over the weekend was apparently a hoax. That was according to Kotaku, at least, which ran a story calling out several suspicious elements of the project and claiming rather assuredly that the game, called FUO (Firefly Universe Online), would never actually happen.

Now, thanks to commenter Tarka, we've been alerted that Kotaku's report may have jumped the gun. It turns out the Firefly MMO may happen after all. The site ran an update to notify readers that developer DarkCryo had got in touch with them to "push back" against the reports of the game being a hoax.

It remains to be seen, but at this point it seems FUO may actually be a real game and not a joke. We'll believe it when we're playing it, of course, but for now you can keep on hoping.

[via Kotaku]