In the February issue of Elle UK, Scarlett Johansson discussed a variery of topics, including turning 30 soon and the leaked nude phone pics. However, when the interview changed to her future in regards to marriage and kids, Scarlett, who's probably still reeling from her divorce to Ryan Reynolds, gave a direct response that her current rumored boyfriend should take note of: 

“I got married when I was young and it was incredibly romantic and I liked being married, actually. But it is different. It’s hard to put into words. To me, being in a functioning relationship doesn’t mean you have to be married. I never think about marriage. Is that weird? The only time I ever think about it is when people ask me. ‘Would I get married again?’ It’s really not important to me. It has no relevance to me right now. I’m not having kids any time soon, I’m in a nice relationship, I’m working a lot and, like I said, it’s not important to me.”

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[via Celebitchy]