As the Consumer Electronic Showcase in Las Vegas prepares to fill the world's technophiles, gadget junkies, legions of journalists, and devout gamers with all of the electro-lust they can handle, we are still freezing our diodes off here in New York.

So, yes. We too are in line for a double portion of next generation gadget envy. What better way to start coverage from the CES than a floating $4500 television from Samsung.

Behold Samsung's UN85S9, an 85-inch television featuring a “floating” design. The TV is built within a large metal frame and can be tilted up and down. The frame houses a 120-watt 2.2 speaker system and includes a 1.35Ghz quad-core A15 processor, four HDMI ports and optical audio. Did we mention that this beast will also have 4K resolution? See all of your favorite TV personalities' pores like never before!

Rumors abound as to when Samsung will release the television, but so far the most consistent report is for an October release. What do you think? How would you fancy playing a little Grand Theft Auto V on that guy?

[via The Verge]