Whether you find it fun or annoying, the restaurant industry is over the foodstagram trend. 

For the uninitiated, "foodstagramming" means taking a shot of your meal and then posting it to Instagram. Some people jump up on tables to get the right angle, while others go so far as to snap a plate as its leaving the kitchen.

Some say the trend has gone too far, and now a few restaurant owners in New York are banning the practice. As one owner told the Times, whipping out a cell phone mid-meal kills the ambiance. 

“Some people are arrogant about it,” said Moe Issa, the owner of Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. “They don’t understand why. But we explain that it’s one big table and we want the people around you to enjoy their meal. They pay a lot of money for this meal. It became even a distraction for the chef.”

[via New York Times]