Moments before he was shot by the police, Eric Lee Ramsey shared his fate in a Facebook post.

Ramsey, 30, of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, was suspected of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a student from Central Michigan University. After Ramsey forced her into his car at gunpoint, the student successfully escaped and notified the police. Crawford County Police Department found Ramsey hours later, and moments before his death he posted the following: "Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace."

Facebook friends of Ramsey left comments thinking it was a joke but Mashable verified his identity against a police mug shot and other local media. 

Crawford County PD have yet to provide an account of Ramsey's pursuit, so it is still unclear how he found time to post on Facebook prior to his death. According to the Morning Sun, Ramsey "rammed a sheriff's deputy's car head-on," a sign he was willing to do almost anything to avoid those cuffs.

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