A key rule of business is to find clients who won't pull a fast one on you. 20-year-old Christal Smith of Portland, OR drove 50 miles to reach a potential client on Jan. 11 after her services were requested via text and eventually phone calls. In case you aren't following, Smith is a prostitute.

She should've known something was up when she reached her destinationthe Salem Police Department. After strolling past several officers in uniform and clearly marked signs, she tried to reach out to her "client." That's when she was arrested as part of a sting operation by officers who found her on a website. 

Smith was arrested for prostitution and promoting prostitution. Before you scream entrapment (or "contrapment," as Bodie would say), keep in mind that the woman was aware she was at a police station and wasn't coerced into doing something she wouldn't typically do, per say, as she was already a practicing working girl.

We'd implore her lawyer to invoke the defense though, but only after berating her for being an idiot.

[via The Huffington Post]