On New Year's Eve, police in Port Charlotte pulled over an SUV for driving erratically and discovered meth in a man's shorts, a woman's bra and baby's shoe. After learning that driver Manuel Angel Rolon's registration was for a different vehicle and that his license had been suspended three times, they found a white powder and almost $800 in the pocket of his shorts.

Police soon noticed a white plastic baggie sticking out of 20-year-old Dodie Allyson Albritton's bra. During a search of the SUV, police also found nearly two grams of meth in one of her baby's shoes, which was stashed inside of her purse. Her purse was within reach of the child.

Bret Alexander Rule was seen trying to hide meth under his right thigh while sitting next to the child. Rolon, Albritton and Rule were all charged with trafficking meth, and Rolon and Albritton were also charged with child neglect. Rolon was charged for driving with a suspended license. 

The child is currently in the custody of its father.

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[via NY Daily News]