Eurogamer has consulted with some "trusted sources" and unearthed some serious details about Sony's next console, the PlayStation 4, or "Orbis."

According to these sources, the PS4 will pack an eight-core CPU from AMD along with the company's Radeon HD graphics running at 800MHz with 18 CUs. Don't worry if that's gibberish to you; in layman's terms, it means that Orbis will pack a punch, of these rumors turn out accurate.

The site also details some custom hardware that will "ease the burden" when it comes to physics and other elements that can be taxing on existing systems. That will leave the standard processors free to do what they do best.

Furthermore, Eurogamer claims that the PS4 will carry 4GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 RAM with only 512MB used up by the console's operating system. They also mention that the next Xbox, codenamed "Durango," could have a slight advantage here, with a rumored 8GB of RAM, though 3GB could be used for the OS, bafflingly (you can check out the latest Xbox 720 rumors in our previous post).

There are a ton more details, but the important thing to take away is the the next generation of consoles is almost certainly going to be a huge leap up. Hopefully they can keep costs down without disappointing us.

[via neoGAF]