Mentioned in: Season 3 and season 4

Entertainment 720, during its short life, was described as “premiere, high-end, all-media conglomerate,” but even founders Tom and Jean-Ralphio would be hard-pressed to tell you what it is exactly.

Rather than being the "one-stop-shop for public relations, marketing, or anything having to do with reaching out to people, communicating effectively, and other desirable abilities," Entertainment 720 just seemed like an excuse for Tom and Jean-Ralphio to throw around cash and look cool while doing it. And look cool they did, albeit in a ridiculous way.

Their methods included, but were not limited to: opening offices in a gigantic converted airplane hanger, hiring basketball players Detlef Schrempf and Roy Hibbard (for 75% of his NBA salary) to shoot hoops in the office all day, paying a few hot female employees $100,000 plus full medical to do nothing but look pretty, buying a money printing machine to print cash with their faces on it, installing a party button, giving away free iPads, buying a $27,000 chair that has a roof, and installing huge TV screens to play a video of a yacht on loop.

Additionally, no detailed financial records were kept. Swag.