This will do little to prove anyone who calls "Millennials" entitled wrong. NYU students are opening accounts with, a "sugar daddy" website, at an alarming rate. A study by the site showed that students had a 154 percent increase in new accounts last year, making them the second most rapidly-growing "sugar daddy" school next to Georgia State

According to the site, students make $3,000 per month on average for "mutually beneficial relationships." Data from a survey shows that most of that money goes towards tuition and food. No word on how much of that money goes towards drugs and alcohol. 

Here's some more eyebrow-raising information: The bulk of the schools that are among the 20 "fastest growing sugar baby schools" are located in the South. Brandon Wade, the website's founder and CEO, addressed this via press release:

“It’s tough. The South went from being the epitome of success and money to faring the worst in terms of well-being. Even if NYU is still our biggest Sugar Baby university, the growth of southern female coeds seeking the Sugar Lifestyle is a move in the right direction to bring back Southern charm.”

Soon enough, "Sugar Lifestyle" will be emblazoned across the rear of sweatpants on college campuses across the South. Possibly even the nation.

[via Gothamist]

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