Plated is set to make dinnertime less of a hassle, just in time for Valentine's Day and Super Bowl XLVII festivities. The New York City-based startup offers chef-designed decadent meals that change every week. All aspiring home cooks need to do is pick the Plated meal they want to prepare in their own kitchen and wait for the pre-packaged box to arrive with portioned ingredients and the recipe.

For your game-day party, Plated is offering a delivery bundle including BBQ baby-back ribs, black bean and avocado nachos, spinach artichoke dip, a bacon-and caramelized-apple- topped goat cheese pizza and Hello Dolly Squares for dessert. All Plated meals require minimal kitchen time and start at $10 per meal. The Super Bowl Appetizer Box can serve eight to 10 of your hungriest guests for $95. Best of all: Plated does all the heavy lifting with just the click of a button.

[via Plated]