Remember when we warned about the perils of Facebook Graph Search? Now there's a new app that goes one step farther and shows users who's "down to bang." 

The aptly-named "Bang with Friends" promises to reveal which of your friends "is down for the night" with discretion and only so long as there's mutual interest. Buzzfeed explains:  

Clicking "Down to Bang" on any one of these people's faces shouldn't notify them that you've done so unless they click "Down to Bang" below YOUR face, too. This part seems to work — fellow FWD editors and I tested the selection process on each other, and only received notification emails once the (experiment-only!) "Down to Bang"-ness was mutual.

But things get murky when you go to authorize the app. Even if you're testing it out as a joke, Facebook shows you who's already using it—a major buzzkill if you do want to get laid and your friends aren't into it. Really, what good is anonymity if Facebook blows your cover? 

[via Buzzfeed]